Why Run & Tell That?

What is this place...

Run & Tell That is built on the belief that every entrepreneur and small business has a unique and fascinating story to tell. 

A unique fingerprint, a cadence, or what I call a “BIG DEAL ENERGY” that connects them to their squad, their ride or buy fans.

People like you are opening up spaces and experiences for people who otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to buy services and products from brands who care deeply about representing their likeness and experiences. 

From this emergence and charge to create dopeness by any means necessary (and on our own terms) Run & Tell That was born. 

Run & Tell That  is inspired by the bold AAVE (African American Vernacular Ebonics) expression meaning to go spread the word. 

To let it be known. 

But we’re here to let the market place, our communities and our peers know it’s time we leverage our own love languages, our own cultures to create and market the products, messages, and services designed by us for us. 

Run & Tell That is not a warning, but a promise to bring our whole multifaceted, multidimensional talents and origins as women, as neuro-divergents, as BIPOC & QBIPOC to every table we introduce ourselves to. 

That’s why, from here on out, we’re going to make a promise to each other:

You’re going to be you. #Nofilter. You’re going to brand you. You’re going to put some respect on your name (and business). And you’re going to start taking your voice very seriously. 

And Run & Tell That is here to help you do all that. 

We’re not the voice of the people (you have one and it’s beautiful). 

We’re just helping you turn out the messages and turn up the conversions you’ve always wanted to, but haven’t had the time to, or a collaborator you can trust with your vision.

Whatever that vision may look like to you. Our tone can be a little trap, a little grunge, a lot of Biggie & dash of Cosmo quiz. But yours doesn’t have to be, because you and your customer set the tone.

You have a mission, and a story, that needs to be told by you. 

Not a group of stuffy old dudes in a boardroom (or some bruhs hopped up on Redbull.)

R&TT (Run & Tell That) passes the mic and the marketing tools to you: 

the up-and-coming game-changer, the move-maker, the spiritual gangsta so you can triple your subscriber lists, increase your rates or top last year’s fundraising effort by being 150% YOU. 

 It’s time you turn all that genius and audacity into profit. 

No body: ____________

You: New boss in town, crushing it. Who dis?

Together, through collaboration, the real-deal-holy-feels framework, and maybe a little hand-holding (unless tough-love is more your forever mood) we can put a tasteful middle finger in the air to all the haters and naysayers and make some real change and coin out here. 

Much love XX,
Christina Torres
Chief Creative Officer, R&TT
Co-Host of Bagels & Plantain’s & Host of Best Regards Podcast

Who I Help

Calling all impact driven entreprenuers, wellness queens, non-for-profit OG’s (OG=Organizers…see what I did there), spiritual gangstas, and dope BTS makers of dope things!

Ready to launch? You’ve mastered your art? You know you’re ideal client like the back of your hand (oh what’s that?…I’m sure it’s nothing). Maybe you even have an aight second draft of your sales copy. At least you think so anyway. 

But you’d feel a whole lot better if you just had someone who is a thought-organizing-queen, and hasn’t been staring at the damn thing for the last 8 hours, to give it a once (or 3 times) over. 

Maybe you’re staring at your homepage…blankly, not sure what to lead with. Or wondering if you nailed the tagline and guarantee? 

Do people even visit sites anymore? You heard somewhere IG is where it’s at. You can stop second guessing yourself.

You’ve got this. And you’ve come to the right place. 

You’re a great writer and probably entertaining af but something just doesn’t click when you go to write all biz like. 

I’ve had all types of jobs, interests, and hobby’s (more about those later) but there’s a few things I know how to do well: duck from someone I knew from H.S. in plain sight (like you never ducked into a Chipotle to avoid frenemy), recognize good (and bad) website vibes, and how to whip up some damn good, true-to-voice copy. 

If you want copy that captures your multi-faceted personality, your unicorn-yass queen flare, your sophista-ratchet (my personal favorite) demeanor. Or you just want to sound like your whole  self (and not the conjured spirit of bland unseasoned chicken)…

You’ve found your girl!  Let’s make beautiful, money music that brings all the ride-or-buys and  your conversion goals to the yard. 

I’m still in my early 2000’s bag. You’ll just have to deal.

Check out all the ways R&TT can help below.

Who am I?

I write and edit real talk copy for you: the up-n-coming game changer, the move maker, the spiritual gangsta — so that you triple your subscriber list,  finally increase your rates, reach more ride or buy customers and top last years revenue goals 🙂


How I do what I do? I start with a deep-dive into your ideas, your dope products or services, and your squad.  There’s an in-depth questionnaire, a discovery, strategy, and final delivery call. 

But in between all those virtual Happy Hours or Weekendr’s.

I go to town researching your market, interviewing your ride-or-buy customers, and peep the competition. 

With all that one-on-one insight, and innanets research, I go to town writing (or editing) your soon to be lit af copy. Copy that has your dream squad keeping you booked, busy, and paid. 


But if it’s bio you’re looking for… I’m Christina!

A Brooklyn born, baby queer, single mom of one (and aspiring Puerto Rican Issa Rae) copywriter on a mission to help more D2C product and service-based brands embrace their Big Deal Energy — a.k.a. the vibes, verbal strategy, and customer experience that makes them unlike anyone else in the market. 

So many of my clients have  🌠 that thing 🌠 that draws people to them, but it feels so hard to put into words. They’re incredibly creative, and have a hard time fitting into traditional strategic industry boxes. 

Unfortunately, that means I get a whole mess of wildly talented people burning bright, and burning out. 

Through my 1-1 happy copy coaching and done-for-you work, I helping those brands move out of fake it ‘til they make it and into be it ‘til you make it — with a blend of qualitative and quantitative data, beautiful UX, and daring to think outside the box with the messaging and strategy she offers.

Because YOUR brands deserves more than just “being liked”. 

You deserve to know exactly what makes you magnetic — and use that to create a sustainable approach to selling, serving, and showing up that feels the bomb.com!

That’s what Big Deal Energy is. It’s transparency, it’s collaboration, it’s belief in what you’re doing even when your in a rut. 

How It Works 🙂

C-Sweet CMO

A Fractional CMO experience made for the bridesmaid-never-the-bride copywriter OR the highly delegated but decision-fatigued marketer ready to let someone take over the “more leads, more traction” strategy so they can focus on CEO ish.

Launch Ready

If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready…for perfect fit clients, a.k.a. RIDE OR BUY customers. Get Ready, Stay Ready, and Launch Ready with our bundled attract, nurture, and launch copy packages.



Copy done in 3 days not 3 years. Give me 90 minutes at kick-off and hand-off. Then poof, off you nap. I werk your copy on my own and give it back to you all shiny, new, ready to sell and sounding like you.