Fascinate, be
extra, and slay
your next campaign

Fascinate, be extra, and slay your next campaign

...without dropping a stack or your special sauce. 

You need good copy.

And you need it now.

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it done.

I’m a Brooklyn-based copywriter who specializes in writing copy that sells while sounding like you. But don’t take my word for it: check out these results from my clients:

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Spreading Copy Love The BK Way

Happy Copy Hour
(aka VIBE Check Lite)

Find your words, your inner Cardi + the nerve to make your copy ALL you + nothing but you so folx throw their internet coins ‘atcha.

Copy Good to Go

You finally hit Publish on the 17th draft of your home page. And now you wait. DIY (and punch air)? Or get a little help (and youthful under-eyes back) from a down-ass-word-nerd. Content reviewed and remixed in under 60 mins.

V.I.B Copy Getaway!

I’m all yours for 7 hours str8. We might work together-together, or we might start with a power hour chat, and then I work your copy on my own, give it back to you all shiny, pressed and laid out –looking and talking like money. Shoot, take a selfie with it, I would.

Here's what
other folks are saying:


"Christina is the business."

“Sometimes, no matter how much (or what kind of) personality you’ve got, you get to a point where you want to make sure your audience knows you know, they know what you’re talking about, ya know? It takes skill and guts to go against the grain and speak your truth especially in business. Christina is like the tweeter and the woofer, dialing up the volume of your voice to bring out the richest qualities while keeping messages concise, clever, and crystal clear.”

Tamara Glick


“One of the most efficient and fun experiences I’ve ever had.”

“Working with Christina has been one of the most efficient and fun experiences I’ve ever had with a content creator! She is thorough, attentive and brilliant. Christina is a self-starter and has a real talent for beating deadlines. What I love most about working with Christina is she is amazing at hearing my ideas, even when they are all over the place, and creating engaging, succinct, and creative content that always has my brand’s culture in mind. You can’t teach that. Would I work with her again? Well, we haven’t stopped working together yet and I don’t plan on it!”

Jennelle Gilyard


"Christina's not slinging clichéd advice you've heard already."

“She’s got a knack for pinpointing exactly what you need to hear — whether you’re launching a new product, improving your business systems or just dealing with mindset issues. In just our first convo, she gave me a pro tip that’s helped me level up my writing process and book two new clients in the last month. And best of all, she’s just awesome to talk to. If you’ve got the chance to work with her, it’s a no-brainer.”

Chris Collins

Tamara Glick

Jennelle Gilyard

Chris Collins

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