Why Copy Matters

You out here! So let ’em know.

Everything is copy and the copy is everything. Your webpage content is copy. Your IG and FB posts are copy. Your product descriptions are copy. Your sign-up and buy now buttons are copy. You get the point.

Every word working together to get “Your-Name-Here” hive to support your ideas, products, and causes.

Copy paints a picture. Copy tells a story. And most importantly copy creates belonging and trust.

And the last thing your customers want to do is read dry af product descriptions or one-size-fits life hack blogs.

Copy, good copy anyway, is not clever. Or mysterious. It’s clear on who, what, and when it’s for. It’s not exclusive — but it is specific.

You see, your squad wants to know there’s a real life person on the other end of their click.

They especially want someone who looks, talks and does that weird, often confused surprised thing with their brows when they speak (ok, that’s just me — my face lives).

“Your-name-here hive” doesn’t need more “picture perfect” copy… it needs YOU. Your experiences. Your quirk. Your lingo. Your perspective.

And those ride-or-buys want to see themselves in you (how do they know what I’m thinking?…damn you Jeff Bezos)

Organic, human-to-human connection is what sells. The advertising world knows that. The big name brands know that.

Hell, they’re dying to sound like every day people. Just take a look at all your apps. I’ll wait…

And what a time to be alive, hunny. There’s now a space and a demand for impact entrepreneurs, wellness advocates, sustainable businesses, and dope af non-for-profits to rise up and spread their message on their terms.

And if you think it’s all been said before or done before — it has been.

But not by you. And definitely not said like you.

You don’t think I know there’s tons of copywriters out there!?

White ones, skinny ones, straight ones, gay ones, brown ones, short ones, great ones, wack ones, ones that write about accounting and taxidermy (that’s when you stuff dead animals — gross –now that’s a niche).

And ones fighting to write your copy.

But they’re not ME….

They’re not the Nueyorican, pronoun she, single mother of dragons, early 90’s hip-hop grunge head, queer, five foot six and three-quarters tall, professional dancing kween (amateur shower at best), copywriter that I am.

OK. I’m a mother to a human. The point is I’m dope and you are too.

What sets us apart as writers or entrepreneurs is our experiences.

Not just professionally, but personally. It’s our backgrounds, our areas of interest, and what we stand for. No one is doing what you’re doing, how you’re doing it.

And nobody is buying your “30 day get-right course”, or “authentic, curated fashion pieces.”

People buy what makes them feel seen. What makes them feel good.

So where’s all that Black girl magic, Brown boy joy, or band geek glowed up magic in your copy? Where’s all that confidence and quirk in your descriptions?

Big ad agencies are capitalizing on your swag; your precious brunch convos, your culture — while you’re out here looking for the savviest, most ‘professional’ words to say. #BORING!

Now you may not subscribe to Cardi B’s school of a regular shmegular round-the-way-girl persona. That’s fine (just don’t tell me — I stan).

But where’s the spark that is unique to you and your audience?

You and I both know how educated and talented you are. You were summa cum latte for god sakes. I know I spelled that wrong…but stay with me.

The point is you’re pop’n!

You got degrees, a genius idea or years of experience, and an online business that gives back. YOU DID NOT COME TO PLAY. (I’m not screaming…you are.)

So bring it. All of it. And say it with your ches…words.

Put your neck out there for the way you want to make people feel.

For the way you’d want to feel seen.

We need you. We need your ideas. We need all that unicorn sauce.

Best part: You don’t have to do the most or do it all on your own.

There’s a community of people doing there thing out here for you to lean on.

And there’s R&TT copy-get-right services, blog posts, review n’ remix sessions, templates and weekly inbox tea to keep you on track to reaching all your online money bag goals.

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