Copy + Content + Cocktails

🎶 "Can we taaaaawk for a minute?" 🎶

Happy Copy Hour

1hr | $950

Grab your copy or your big idea, your procrasti-cleaning self, your weird, yo’ drank (tea or tequila) and meet me on Zoom to get your your copy jushed, content slayed and your to-go bag stuffed (just like nana used to) with:

  • The only Zoom recording you’ll ever playback
  • A chat debrief + transcript with action items (incase you don’t)
  • And all my “I gotta swipe file for that” and “remind me to connect you with so-and-so” or my personal fave “oh this hack right here — game changer!” glory

“Swerve the PITAs, find my voice, jush my copy + my offers so I can get paid merely to exist. TO BE 200% MY WHOLE SELF! Basically get my whole life in 60 mins?!?”

 Me: YUP — if that means getting a second pair of 👀 on your sales page. And making sure your Stripe goes awf!

Also Me: YUP — if that means you can talk for days but when you get to the keyboard your words chuck up the deuce sign — we can fix that.

Me Again: YUP — if you’ve been meaning to launch that membership or course but don’t know where to start — we can map out a “doing the least” game plan (so you can make the most fast).

You: BOOP! (that’s you hitting the big o’pink Book button)


Happy Copy Hour🥂

Like copy coaching but better. You + I hop on a Zoom call. I wave my copy wand (legit) over any existing website or copy. Don’t got copy? No problem! Let’s brainstorm a stunna framework or outline. At the end of our 60 minute flow session you receive a recorded playback of live edits, suggestions & a PDF of actionable next steps + the confidence to turn your talk into buyer walk — toward the checkout. Bring your fave beverage and let’s get copy cozy (and rich)!

* Got more than an hour worth of Q’s or Copy, book as many as you need *

Rent-My-Brainwaves! (Block A Whole Day)

Done For You Services

For those who looking to go big or go home, have the cheddar to outsource, and looking to reclaim their time to work on what they love doing (or just catch-up on season 2 & 3 of Insecure)

Standard (but never basic) Web Copy

You’ve bought the domain, NOW what? Time to give that fresh face aka your website template, the full beat. Maybe you’ve got an about us page that just isn’t keeping your customers awake long enough to hit BUY.

Or just maybe you’ve sat down for the 8 trillionth to rewrite your old site but Marie Kondoing your sock draw feels more exciting.

Leave the word round-up to me. I’ll make sure you’re converting, making cash, and keeping it real on every page of your site. Down to your buttons!

Contour Kit But 4 Copy - On Point Editing

Maybe you just want to spice things up. You’ve got a real natural glow and want to go from day to night. Meh to YASS! You want to make sure your headlines, taglines, readability and flow is on point.

You’ve also been staring at the damn thing and want to be sure it’s hitting. You want your ride or buy fans to fall head over feels, and buy the damn thang.

Good headlines, flow, and real talk copy weeds out the commitment-phobes, so those truly down for you commit.


Custom Gig (email nurture sequence, post purchase emails, abandon cart email)

Ahh…how long have you’ve been putting off that email sequence? Or have you totally ghosted your subscriber list? ‘Your name here’-hive stop buzzing?

Bet you have a notebook bursting with shade, LOLS, insights and bad dates but you’re clueless on how to turn’em into relevant guest posts (think innanet famous) & newsletters.

Holla at your girl! Let’s turn your mess into your message and keep the hive buzzin. Less ghosting more posting.




I’m all yours for 7 hours str8. We might work together-together, or we might start with a power hour chat, and then I work your copy on my own, give it back to you all shiny, pressed and laid out –looking and talking like money. Shoot, take a selfie with it, I would.

The move if…

You need a whole web page created, revamped, reconfigured, or torn up and remixed:

  • About page
  • Services page
  • Home page
  • Shorter-form sales page

But one at a time. 1 page = 1 Day

Need me 2 train the new intern? Works 4 that too!

**NOTE FOR COPY, CONTENT, COCKTAILS ALUMS OR REPEAT CLIENTS ONLY** Like Rent-The-Runway but less skeevy than wearing a rented, crotchy jumpsuit. Great for six launch copy emails or a welcome sequence, a zhush on a 4 page website or 1, maybe 2 from scratch. Or maybe you just want to get a custom copy website template, first draft-sies style to get the ball rolling. Loathe doing indepth, “throw your wallet at me” research + strategy. I gotchu.