Need Gimme Worthy, Data Backed, You AF Copy?

(Need it more now than later? Yea, I get it.)

Hands up if…

  •  You’re actually pretty dope at cooking up ideas, offers, and content but the idea of writing an about page or sales page bores you to actual tearsNo like for real, you’ve actually read ur about page to help you fall asleep. Do people even read this sh*t? They do. But you’re right. Most suck. Yours doesn’t have toNot if I have anything to do with it. We’ll have you sounding like you  interesting AND QUALIFIED.


  • You’re ready to dust off the ol’ money maker and relaunch your “eh, it gets me from point A to B” website, online shop, or offer. It’s time the old faithful get’s an upgrade honey and does what it was ALWAYS meant to do – be your bomb ass, employee of the month, genius bar level, sales rep.

(No more website shame. Promise!)

  • You’ve got the proof, the data, and the vibes. What you’re lacking is a second pair of eyes, the patience, and a clue as how to put it all together to give those “we’re BIGGER, BETTER, and HERE BABY!” but in a way that still feels like you and the brand you’re peeps fell in love with (like accentuating you’re already giving cheekbones with copy highlighter – yea, we can def do that).


  • You know your ride or buys like the back of your hand. That’s not that problem. Actually there may not be a HUGE zit of a problem. They’re happy. You’re happy. BUT YOU’VE GOT BIG DREAMS. And there’s so much you want to be doing to take your biz and brand to the next level. You just need to remove yourself from “the grind altar of doing.”


  • You’re ready to dip your foot into the premium, phone it-in and delegate pool. Copy is the THING you’d love to get off your plate. But you don’t have weeks to find THE ONE.    I 👏🏼 GOT 👏🏼 CHU 👏🏼

Where bubbling brands & entrepreneurs come to get big deal, gimme-worthy copy quickies.

“Done. Sold. Obsessed Already!” 

             “How Do We Work 2Gether?”

                                     “Where do we start?”

YAY! OKAY SOOOOO… that depends:

We could hop on a call do a lil vibe check. See what fits. What feels good

ORRRRR you can pop down below and do a lil guesstimating.

Could be a sales page, a nurture sequence, or big, fat gorgeous website. If we’re starting from the ground up I’d recommend a Weekendr (VIP Weekend) — could prob take about a week or two.

Oh a Happy Copy Hour for sure. Ask your questions. Brainstorm taglines, headlines, subject lines… yea, let’s do it!

Let’s say you already have a one page website or long form sales page… or atleast have it ready in a Google doc… like launching next week ready. You just want a second pair of eyes to make sure every word, every button is lifting it’s weight. And know exactly what to do next time you throw delicious spaghetti at the wall. A Happy Copy Hour should do the trick.

You’re going through a new web design and rebrand. And your OLD website copy is soooooo not reflective of the work I do now, the clients I serve, and OR your new shiny brand vibes. But there’s plenty to work with. 

Yea I can see Weekendr (VIP Weekend) — work for ya. And prob wrap things up just under a week. 

Just a mini-launch planning sesh, that’s a Happy Copy Hour. Realize during the sesh you want Christina to take the wheel and execute on the content and copy creation — then it’s Weekendr (VIP Weekend) with about a 3 day turnaround

 BTW, you legit can’t get it wrong:


Whether you go the done for you, aka Weekendr, or done with you, Happy Copy Hour, route there’s a quick but thorough application process and review.

So you can’t go big or go home (crying) even if you wanted to. 

BUT let’s say you end up copping a done with you sesh, and realize mid sesh (or after the fact): “Christina, I was bugging, girl, just take the wheel!” 

It happens!  No biggie, we just transfer the cost of your Happy Copy Hour to a done for you package.

*Neat, Huh? I KNOW!* 




And I can help you turn a whole vibe + your ride or buy’s words into 💵 💵

You see, I’m all about helping you write copy that sounds like you talk and makes people want what you got. It’s my schtick.

I’m the copywriter (and marketing coordinator) for your favorite brands, favorite copywriter. 

Yes, I’m coming out from behind the curtain and spilling the tea on how to make your copy pop + convert.


 Q: What can YOU REALLY get done in 3 days — ie the Weekendr?

A: Good question. One of a little bit of everything. One 3 -4 page website + mock-up. One long form sales page. One short form sales page and booking page or 2 email sequence.  6 – 10 Email Sales campaign.

Depends how much content and context you have to work with. I have a track record of finishing a few hours early so if I can suggest some other zhuzhable items I do. But remember because this is TIME based what you’re getting hasn’t been edited to death.

So you can have me focus on what truly matters or what has you banging your head against the wall, you can spend 20 mins or less giving it as much of your spin as you like. 


Q: What can we REALLY get done in an hour and a half? And how much is this gonna run me? 

A: Good question. Here’s a little taste of what we can make work in 90 minutes —

Get your sales page or opt-in once (or twice) over-ed with LIVE edit commentary + comments built for swoon worthy copy.

Werk out a mini step-by-step launch plan (aka roadmap) for your next masterclass, membership, or course so you can secure the bag asap. 

Zhush up a few of your product descriptions, batch a month of emails or your nurture sequence subject lines for sick open rates and effortless engagement.

Nailing the eff out of your brand voice + tone (yes in an hour) by getting the skinny on how to write like you speak + nailing your audience’s love language.

And it’ll run you $1999 or 2K for shorts – that’s the cost of most basic to mid level copy courses. 

Except with a Happy Copy Hour your submission always gets picked for a hot seat, you get my undivided attention, and like a course you can come back to it time and time again – and take inspo from where you need it. 

The bonus, bonus: you don’t have to figure out how to make templates or the training fit your messaging, voice or offer because it’s literally ALL ABOUT you, your product or service. 


Q: Hmm, you got my idea maker turning here… what else besides website or email or the typical copy things can you help me with? 

A: Love this! I’ll answer your Q with a Q — What are your goals?

  • Get featured in Glamour, Cosmo, or your fave podcast? The answer is PR email pitches and story angles. Sure, I can totes help with that. 
  • Get all the people who enrolled in your course or membership to stay there, stay engaged and get the results you promised? A retention and after-care strategy. Yea, let’s f*cking goooooooo!
  • Raise sum mula FAST so you finally make that game-changing hire, maybe that fractional CMO on your vision board? Book a VIB day to work through the particulars, nail down the strategy, and execute it. 

Jump right in or dip your toe!

C-Sweet CMO

A Fractional CMO Experience made for the brides-maid never the bride copywriter OR the highly delegated but decision-constipated marketer ready to let someone take over the more leads, more traction strategy so they can focus on CEO ish.


Copy done in 3 days not 3 years. Give me 90 minutes at kick-off and hand-off. Then poof, off you nap. I werk your copy on my own and give it back to you all shiny, new, ready to sell and sounding like you.

Launch Ready

If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready… for Perfect Fit clients, Ride or Buy customers that is. Get Ready, Stay Ready, and Launch Ready with our bundled attract, nurture, and launch copy packages. COMING SOON!

"I am obsessed with you. I love the way you work and I'm really happy with what we created with the website. So happy 🙂 "
Dallas Travers
Founder & Coach @ The Hive Dot Com

Here's what
other folks are saying:


"Christina is the business."

“Sometimes, no matter how much (or what kind of) personality you’ve got, you get to a point where you want to make sure your audience knows you know, they know what you’re talking about, ya know? It takes skill and guts to go against the grain and speak your truth especially in business. Christina is like the tweeter and the woofer, dialing up the volume of your voice to bring out the richest qualities while keeping messages concise, clever, and crystal clear.”

Tamara Glick


“One of the most efficient and fun experiences I’ve ever had.”

“Working with Christina has been one of the most efficient and fun experiences I’ve ever had with a content creator! She is thorough, attentive and brilliant. Christina is a self-starter and has a real talent for beating deadlines. What I love most about working with Christina is she is amazing at hearing my ideas, even when they are all over the place, and creating engaging, succinct, and creative content that always has my brand’s culture in mind. You can’t teach that. Would I work with her again? Well, we haven’t stopped working together yet and I don’t plan on it!”

Jennelle Gilyard


"Christina's not slinging clichéd advice you've heard already."

“She’s got a knack for pinpointing exactly what you need to hear — whether you’re launching a new product, improving your business systems or just dealing with mindset issues. In just our first convo, she gave me a pro tip that’s helped me level up my writing process and book two new clients in the last month. And best of all, she’s just awesome to talk to. If you’ve got the chance to work with her, it’s a no-brainer.”

Chris Collins

Tamara Glick

Jennelle Gilyard

Chris Collins

(and get me launched asap)