VIB Copy Getaways

If there was a way to get that “it’s the (whatever your magic sauce is) for me!” VIBE bottled up…

That add to cart, happy dance at checkout — “now send me all the emails pls” copy without:

  1. Searching forevah through the LinkedIn muck for a copywriter who indeed “knows the vibes”…

  2. Waiting 3 months for copy you almost forgot about

  3. Dragging your feet to get said copy on the interwebs — which in turns means no cheddah

  4. Filling out a 52 question, questionnaire about sh*t your not quite sure has anything to do with your copy
  5. Freaking out about if someone’s gonna butcher your voice — or worse your vision

🔮"Magical, just magical."🔮

“This has just been a completely joyous experience. I’ve never had a copywriter write a whole sales page for me. I mean I’ve had them help me with bits and review stuff. But our VIP DAY… ugh, just such a joy to have this page that I really, really love without having to force the words out, done and up in just 48 hours? I think that’s magical, just magical.” — Diane Mayor, DianeMayor.Com

“I knew exactly what I wanted to want to say. I just didn’t know how to put it on paper. I was already like, OK, I’m gonna update my website. But once I started telling Christina about my offer — she was like let’s just do a really knockout sales page so you can start converting asap! Instead of wasting all my energy and $$ on a low vibe website. And we got the Sales Page out, up and reworked in 48 hours. Go 2 Christina, and be like, help me, help me with this copy. Because this situation of wasting time trying to figure it all yourself ain’t it.” — Lisa Sullivan, Personal Style & Mindset Coach

How it all works:

  • Once we’ve both felt confident we’ve passed the VIBE check we grab 20 mins to chat the high-level details of your webcopy, email, or launch goals so we can tailor one of our ready-to-go VIB GETAWAY copy packages to your needs.
  • Then let the adulting commence! Say yes to the proposal, pay your deposit or invoice in full (payment plans available), pick your kick off date, and get to work on completing your TADA LIST (aka gathering all the juicy bits we’re going to use to make 90’s hit factory worth conversion copy gold!


  • Now, the day is here. You’re buzzing with excitement (maybe some caffeine). Notice I said day? Whether you booked a 3 day, 7 day, or 10 day package you only need to show your pretty little grill for a day. Actually less than that – about 90 mins* – tops. 


We review your HW, proceed with my very fun, very Oprah-esque, Founders Interview, and outline how the day will go. 

Don’t worry you get milestone updates and chances to chime-in with light bulb moments as the day goes on.


  • Then we come together at the end of the day* to do a LIVE STUDIO EDIT.  


At the end of the day this is still your copy. Your brand. Your voice. I may be the best copywriter in the world (LOL #TaurusVibes) but you know your peeps better than anyone – so here’s your chance to give input, gauge if I’m hitting what needs to be hitting, and fall nothing short but in LOVE with the process – and your COPY. 

You also get a preview of the content wireframe (yes, I give you the exact roadmap for how your copy should look and feel on the platform, like a mock up – we don’t leave website developers and integrators guessing over here)


  • And off you pop, and on I go making the final edits, making your project all gorgeous – you’ll get a ping on or before the due date that you’re copy is ready! 

🪄BOOM all done 🙂 

This process is truly designed to get you away from the stress of cranking out your own copy, to make giving up control ACTUALLY FUN & FREEING all while helping you scale your business like the bad mama jama you are! 

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