VIB Copy Get Aways

If there was a way to get that “it’s the (whatever your magic sauce is) for me!” That add to cart and “now send me all the emails pls” copy without:

  1. Searching forevah through the LinkedIn muck for a copywriter who indeed “knows the vibes”…

  2. Waiting 3 months for copy you almost forgot about

  3. Dragging your feet to get said copy on the interwebs — which in turns means no cheddah

  4. Filling out a 52 question, questionnaire about sh*t your not quite sure has anything to do with your copy
  5. Freaking out about if someone’s gonna butcher your voice — or worse your vision

🔮"Magical, just magical."🔮

“This has just been a completely joyous experience. I’ve never had a copywriter write a whole sales page for me. I mean I’ve had them help me with bits and review stuff. But our VIP DAY… ugh, just such a joy to have this page that I really, really love without having to force the words out, done and up in just 48 hours? I think that’s magical, just magical.” — Diane Mayor, DianeMayor.Com

“I knew exactly what I wanted to want to say. I just didn’t know how to put it on paper. I was already like, OK, I’m gonna update my website. But once I started telling Christina about my offer — she was like let’s just do a really knockout sales page so you can start converting asap! Instead of wasting all my energy and $$ on a low vibe website. And we got the Sales Page out, up and reworked in 48 hours. Go 2 Christina, and be like, help me, help me with this copy. Because this situation of wasting time trying to figure it all yourself ain’t it.” — Lisa Sullivan, Personal Style & Mindset Coach

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