10 Ways to Make Your Copy WERK

But first, does your web copy even lift? Lift is a term coined by the advertising world, and it simply means the ROI on a strategy or an uptick in copy conversions. So how do you make sure your words hit (or lift) on your customer’s screen? Here are 10 ways to make sure your content is […]

How NOT to get your emails opened

The joys of email. Some days you’re struggling to keep up, skimming your inbox on the toilet. Other days you praise its invention. Talk on the phone with a real live person?  No thanks!  But with the rise of social media, everyone (by everyone, I mean everyone who thinks they’re a marketing guru) says: “Ehh […]

When Keeping it REAL goes RIGHT

Here at RTT, we tend to see the world differently. Run & Tell That is built on the basis that every entrepreneur and small business, especially those headed by POC, has a unique and fascinating story to tell. And even more profound, you have a unique fingerprint, cadence, or “YASS FACTOR” that connects you to your community […]

5 Etsy Shops That Will Give Your Secret Santa Life

Ahh the holidays. Nothing says I love the holidays (or secretly gag every time you check your bank account) then good ol’ last minute Christmas gift shopping. Now before you run to Amazon or Bath & Body Works for those stocking stuffers check out these dope Etsy shops guaranteed to give your work bestie and […]