5 Etsy Shops That Will Give Your Secret Santa Life

Ahh the holidays. Nothing says I love the holidays (or secretly gag every time you check your bank account) then good ol’ last minute Christmas gift shopping. Now before you run to Amazon or Bath & Body Works for those stocking stuffers check out these dope Etsy shops guaranteed to give your work bestie and your bestie-bestie the feels & some much needed self-care (or just some LOVE):

1) Brown Butter Beauty – Not only did girlfriend, Christine Grant, earn the 2017 Naturally Curly Editors Choice stamp of approval for her “Sweet Milk Detangler” but she did that with a five star rating and over raving reviews 1700.  The “Deep Conditioner mask is another fan favorite: “Great conditioner! I’m so glad I just rediscovered this. My girls are really popping today. I only wish I’d known BEFORE ordering that I could have gotten it for free shipping on Barneys.com” Okay, hold the phone! Ms. Grant is carried at Barneys? Now you know, this is some good ish. The packaging is lush af too, so you won’t even have to wrap it.  You’re welcome (oh and be sure to get a lil something, something for you too.)

2) Rumblecards – I’d drop the extra coin to have these trap-ific and prolific xmas cards delivered asap. With greetings like “Happy Christmas Ya’ Bish” and a “Christmas Cardi”, how could you not!?!?! Ugh, I died and went to greeting card heaven. Send one to your bro off at college, your trap loving hubby, and all your day ones stat! 

Pure Kristmas Gold…
Adelf Stole Christmas <3

3) KushEssentialCandles – A newbie but a goodie! Have an uptight aunty or stressed manager. Than look no further! They’re just missing the healing and aromatherapy power of Kush infused candles. No, they won’t smell like bud, they’ll smell like sandal wood, or coconut and lavender, or whatever deliciousness you choose. The branding is classy and the essential oils are lush. Nothing says self-care and fall-tha-f*ck-back like canaboid infused candles. I just hope Ms. Kush (aka crystalclearly1) is still doing her thing. The last update to the site was Jan 2018. Hit her up! Get some calm.

4)Ross Miu – Viva La Sparkles! Ross Miu’s latina made handbags, pouches, and phone cases give you all the abundant, unicorn, 90’s fabulous you could possibly want in a money bag. Maybe you’re cousin can finally find her ID when ya’ll go out. Not that you don’t get carded. We know that brown and black melanin is popping but why does she need to be so goddamned disorganized! Get her one of these sparkly bad boys and ya’ll will be warming up with champers on NYE in no time.

5)SolProano – Brooklyn base Sol Proano is making high-end jewelry with a latina, earthy twist. She plays with different textures + metals and the final pieces are just stunning. Hit her up for custom pieces or browse the etsy shop for some baddass, breathtaking pieces of body art. They are the perfect, bold statement piece for the perfect bold ‘sin verguenza’ in your life. 

Well, there you have it! Some of the game changing, dope makers of things, on Etsy that RTT just adores around the holidays. Remember, all that glitters ain’t gold but if we support those trying to shine, we can make room for all of us to shine bright together. 

And if your bestie or loved one is anything like these dope solopreneurs and makers of dope shit, than maybe , just maybe they want a day (or two) off from worrying about the nitty gritty of schucking out loads of content for the holidays. Gift them the gift of words-that-sell with our affordable Copy Review & Remix or a custom job order. Contact me for custom work and package deals. Happy Christmas Ya Bish! – Christina T, Creative and Founder, Run & Tell That. 


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